The philosophy behind Scrap Wood Furniture

“Scrap wood” furniture is the result of a revolutionary redefinition of the established aesthetic trends in the field of Design. With an alternative, “anti-conformist” disposition, he’s main focus of his philosophy is the need of modern societies to recycle and reuse old materials, which come to life again in another form. This conscious mood on the part of its inspirers establishes it in the field of “green design” and contributes to improving the quality of life of all of us. It therefore has a “sociability”, a noble disposition towards our natural and social environment. This furniture challenges the tendency towards minimalism, proposes a new concept, free from the stylistic “anchorages” of the past, a combination of trends and materials that will create in your space a sense of intimacy and will give a more artistic mood to your everyday life.
Grated and waxed, they respond decently to the passage of time, which adds to them a nice patina and revives the colors and qualities of the materials. A very important parameter in the choice of furniture from “scrap wood” is that you use them without fear of damage, since they, along with time, are your allies.

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The philosophy behind Scrap Wood Furniture

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