Modular bookcase

A master of aesthetic and functionality.
Α “Modular” bookcase designed by Danish shipbuilders from solid beech and metal shelves for high weight endurance.
In dimensions that are combined with each other.
The uprights are produced in two heights, 1m and 2m. And on the upright of one meter can be supported an extension of one meter and get cut exactly to the height you need. The thickness of each upright is 2.5cm and its depths are 29cm and 37cm. The lengths of the shelves are – measuring from the upright to the end of the shelf 72.5cm and 87.5cm. The upright, as you can see in the photos, used in the middle columns is used for both sides. So in the final length you should calculate plus 2.5cm which is the final upright.
It is worth noting that this Library was placed in the Library of the School of Architecture of the National Technical University of Athens in the historic and monumental building on Patision Street in Gini Hall receiving excellent reviews.

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